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It is a dream for many business and content creators to go viral – after all, who doesn’t love the idea of their content popping off worldwide? There are a couple of downsides to going viral – like losing control of the narrative, people remixing and changing what you posted, the negative impact, and many small businesses can’t cope with the number of orders. 

Overall, going viral is something that almost all companies want, and it is one of the first things they ask their content team or marketing agencies – can you make us go viral? 


What can you do to increase your chances of going viral? 


Low-quality content goes viral but for all the wrong reasons, and it can leave you trying to clean up a mess that you really didn’t mean to start. Always make sure that before you put content on any platform, it is the highest quality that you can generate. 


Ahead of putting any money into boosting posts or any type of ads, make sure that your content is of the highest quality. 


A surprising amount of businesses get their audience wrong. Instead of using the metrics they have access to, they create content that isn’t really for anyone – or just something they think they want to create. In the end, though, if you are speaking to the right people, they will share your content, and on it will go. You need to understand your audience properly – so make use of the data. 


If you know your audience but your accounts are light on followers, it can be a good time to look at influencers and content creators. Influencers and content creators tend to have highly engaged audiences who will support them even when they are advertising. Make sure that you choose influencers that match your brand when it comes to ethos and style. Coming across as disingenuous can be a disaster from which you and the influencer don’t recover. 


You’ll need to have a budget to achieve this, though, but you might want to have long-term partnerships, not just a short set of promo. 

Be relatable 

People are more likely to share things that they resonate with – and if you can create relatable content with your product as the feature, you are much more likely to go viral. The content that goes viral is the one that people can resonate with. In some cases, it is something funny or sad – but anything that people understand and relate to is more likely to go viral. 

Get interactive

When people can interact with something, and it is fun, they are going to share it with other people they think will also enjoy it. The fun factor can make a huge difference when it comes to going viral – and even if your product isn’t particularly fun, there is no reason not to let your social team have fun where it makes sense to. 


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