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If you have invested in real estate in order to run a buy-to-let business, then one of the main focuses that you will have is getting the right kind of tenant. With a tenant in the property, your costs will be covered, and it will make the whole investment process worthwhile. But when it comes to the property, there are some other things to consider. For example, the neighbors. As a landlord, do you have any kind of duty or responsibility to the neighbors? 


It is tricky to answer that, because it is a yes and a no. You can’t be the one that is held responsible for your tenants, unless of course, you were asking them to encourage any antisocial behavior, which is highly unlikely. But, when you have neighbors to the property, it is always a good idea to keep them on your side, as having disputes is not good for a number of things, including your reputation as a landlord. 

What are the kinds of issues that could arise?

When you think about things in the eyes of your neighbor, then you need to think about what could be a potential problem, so that you can do something about it. Some issues to consider are:


  • Noise control


Noise is often what someone thinks of when it comes to a neighbor that is being a nuisance. This is for good reason, though, as too much noise can cause a lot of problems, even more so when it goes on late into the night. This could be anything from late night parties, loud music, pets that aren’t controlled, and children making noise outdoors at unsocial hours. As you can’t be there all of the time as a landlord, you could think about getting smart noise monitoring. This can help to prevent any noise issues as it tracks how loud the tenants are being and how long they are being loud for. Then if the neighbors do complain, you will know if they are just being fussy or if the tenants are being a genuine nuisance. 


  • Inconsiderate behavior


Anything classed as inconsiderate behavior can be anything from leaving a mess outside or in communal spaces, as well as inconsiderate parking, invasion of privacy, and even some abusive behavior. This can obviously cause a lot of problems, but what is your duty or responsibility as a landlord?


There are definitely some responsibilities that you have as a landlord, that you need to be aware of before investing in a buy-to-let business. Your tenant is the number one priority, but you need to be aware of complaints, should they arise. 


Negligence from a landlord can be hard to pinpoint, as you as a landlord can be hard to be blamed for another person’s actions. You just need to make sure that you are doing regular checks on the property and the neighbors, to make sure that everyone is happy and acting as they should. Don’t just get a tenant and forget about them!