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Do you enjoy spending your time on the road, driving from one place to another? How about a job where you drive a lot, instead of one stuck in an office from 9-5 every day? If you want a driving job, you’ll undoubtedly want one where you get paid the best money for your work.

As you can imagine, there are many different driving jobs out there. Keeping that in mind, which ones should you apply for, and what are the jobs worth avoiding? The following is a rough guide to the best paying transport company driving jobs in the country:

Trucking School Instructor

Do you want to spend much of your time on the road? And do you also get a buzz out of teaching stuff to people? Why not combine both of those things and become a trucking school or CDL (commercial driving license) instructor!

As a trucking school instructor, your job is to teach potential truckers how to master their vehicles on the road. You’ll work with different people each day, and you’ll achieve an enormous sense of satisfaction from helping others as part of your work.

Trucking school instructor jobs are perfect for people who enjoy working on the road but don’t want to spend most of their time away from home each week.

Auto Haul Truck Driver

If you’d prefer a role on the road that is more challenging than most truck driver jobs, have you ever consider becoming an auto haul truck driver? In a nutshell, your job involves transporting several vehicles to different locations.

You might deliver to car dealerships, for example, or you may get tasked with dropping off cars to new owners at their homes or places of work. These jobs pay very well because of the high value of the cargo carried.

Compared to the average truck driver pay, auto haul truck drivers get paid more because they require specialist driving, loading, and unloading skills.

Ice Road Truck Driver

You’ve undoubtedly seen the TV program “Ice Road Truckers” at some stage. From what you’ve seen, you’ll have noticed that the work is incredibly risky and potentially life-threatening.

It takes a lot of skill and courage to drive fully-laden trucks across frozen lakes and rivers, often in remote Arctic locations across Alaska and Canada. Aside from driving in severe weather, ice road truck drivers must also attempt to repair their trucks if they break down.

The work is also seasonal, but because it’s so well-paid, drivers can afford to take the rest of the year off work.

Over the Road Truck Driver

Last but not least, you could also consider becoming an OTR or “over the road” truck driver. As an OTR truck driver, you would be driving long distances to transport your goods – often coast to coast.

OTR work is ideal for people that don’t have family commitments at home as you could often spend weeks away from home. On the plus side, you get paid exceptionally well for your work, and as a bonus, you get to explore the country on company time!