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Maybe you’re looking to raise money to save up, or pay down some debts. You might just be struggling to make it to payday and need to think of ways to find an extra bit of cash. It’s far from ideal, but the cost of living crisis has hit many of us hard in recent times and this is a reality that many of us face. Thankfully there are a few ways you can raise a few pounds if you need to just by looking around your home. There might be lots of things you’re not even using meaning you can save space and raise some funds 


Unused Gift Cards

Gift cards are like hidden treasures, so often we forget about them when they’re given to us at times like birthdays and Christmas. So find them out and put them to use. Look around your drawers, check your wallet, and search those secret spots as you might discover some forgotten gift cards. Websites like Cardpool or Gift Card Granny let you swaps some of the value for cash if they’re for places you wouldn’t usually use or you could swap for a different voucher. Otherwise, if the voucher is for a place that’s useful to you you could use it yourself directly.


Old Electronics

Outdated gadgets, unused smartphones, or that digital camera from three years ago might be more valuable than you think. Check out websites like Gazelle or Decluttr which buy back old electronics. Alternatively, selling directly to interested people on platforms like Facebook Marketplace can be a profitable option.



Even though more people are liking e-books, real books are still really nice and can be valuable. Take a look at your bookshelf for books that are rare or not made anymore. Websites like Amazon or eBay and special book places can help you find people who want to buy your books. This way, your book collection can turn into some extra money for you. Websites like Amazon and eBay as well as special book places online can all help you connect with folks who are looking for those specific books you have. It’s like turning your bookshelf into a little treasure chest of cash!


Vintage Clothing

Fashion trends are cyclical, and your closet might be holding some vintage treasures. That leather jacket or retro dress you haven’t worn in years could be in high demand. Explore online platforms specialising in vintage clothing, such as Depop or Etsy, to find fashion enthusiasts willing to pay for your stylish finds.


Unused Sporting Equipment

That treadmill or mountain bike gathering dust might be the answer to someone else’s fitness goals. Local sports shops or online marketplaces like OfferUp are excellent places to sell second-hand sporting equipment. Ensure the items are in good condition, and you might be surprised at the demand.



Take a look at your jewellery box, maybe there are earrings, necklaces or bracelets you don’t wear much anymore? Sell them to declutter and get some extra cash! When it comes to precious metals, you can sell gold or silver online even if the jewellery itself is broken or out of style. It will simply be melted down and reused, so you get to make some money and clear out broken things you won’t use and the precious metal gets to be reused which is a win win. 



If you dig through your collectible belongings you might find more than just comic books, baseball cards, and action figures. Expand your search to include items like stamps, old coins, and vintage magazines too. Stamps, especially those from different countries or featuring unique designs can be of interest to collectors. Similarly, old coins (particularly those from currencies) might have a higher value than their face value. Vintage magazines, depending on the cover art and content, can also find buyers among enthusiasts. Look for old video games, especially rare editions or those from classic gaming consoles. Vinyl records, too, are making a comeback, and certain albums can fetch a good price. Board games that are well preserved and from a certain era can be sought after by collectors. Even old maps or postcards, with historical significance or unique illustrations, could be worth exploring. If you dig through your attic or basement, you might well find these sorts of things that are sitting collecting dust from decades gone by. Better they go to someone that has an interest in them than just sit there doing nothing!


Unused Furniture

That old coffee table or chair you’ve been meaning to replace could be a valuable addition to someone else’s home, especially if it’s made from solid wood or is unique in some way. Utilise platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to connect with local buyers and give your furniture a new life.

Craft Supplies

If you’ve experimented with various crafts, you likely have leftover supplies. Whether it’s knitting yarn or woodworking tools, there’s a market for almost every type of craft material. Consider selling these items on platforms like Etsy or at local craft fairs.


Kitchen Appliances

Have you upgraded your blender or coffee maker recently? Don’t throw away the old one just yet as many people are willing to buy used kitchen appliances, especially if they’re in good working condition. Sell them locally through platforms like Facebook Marketplace or host a garage sale to attract local buyers.