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Using crypto for savings is a good way to invest in a long-term solution with potentially massive returns. Of course, these aren’t guaranteed, and there are many considerations. So, from the best currencies to use to potential returns, here is some handy information to consider.

Saving Crypto in a Nutshell

Savings are good, and the more diverse you can be, the better. ISAs and pensions are the most common. For more diversification, crypto is becoming more popular. It’s even so popular that countries like El Salvador are adopting it as legal tender, as Jonathan Martin of the NFL and now a financial expert, is finding out. Crypto has better interest rates than banks. Storing crypto in a cold wallet safeguards against theft, but you must keep the key safe to avoid being locked out.

The Best Currencies to Consider

There are many cryptocurrencies out there you can consider for saving. A diverse model is recommended so you can hedge against any losses. However, there are some that you absolutely must use, if only for the potential massive gains over the long term or potential quick short-term returns. BitCoin and Ethereum are the two that spring to mind. But you can also play it safe with currencies that have a medium market cap yet excellent token health, such as Thorchain, Polygon, and Avalanche. But, of course, all come with massive potential risks, too.

Crypto for Savings Risk and Reward

Further to risk, the Blockchain is not as safe as some people claim it is. There is a potential for a massive reward when using crypto to save, and this attracts criminals. Now, Blockchain is very safe and secure, but it is not as unhackable as some people believe. In fact, over $20 billion worth of crypto was stolen from exchanges by hackers in 2022 alone. You play a role in the protection of your assets on the Blockchain with the correct use of hot and cold crypto storage.

Values Today Versus the Future

All cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. Therefore, they are best thought of as a risky investment rather than a way to save money. They are recommended alongside traditional saving methods, such as ISAs. Of course, the attraction is the potential for massive gains, and the more you invest, the more you make. For example, BTC is valued at $29,000 today, but it is predicted to increase by 400% to $120,000 by 2030. But this is only an educated guess.

Avoiding Losses with Crypto

You can’t avoid losses with crypto. But you can offset them by playing it safe. You never know when the value of a specific currency will drop, as we have seen time and time again. One method is to keep a close eye on the value and withdraw your investment when it reaches a good height before it inevitably comes back down again. Then, you can use some of the money gained to invest while prices are low. Rinse and repeat the same method, making more gains.


It isn’t recommended to use crypto for savings as you would traditionally. But you can make investments when the time is right across a diverse collection of crypto to avoid losses.