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The latter half of December is often a period where people become a little more relaxed and jolly than usual, for obvious reasons. This means, by and large, you won’t be the most productive your firm has ever been, except if chasing a final end-of-year deadline. Even then, the last few days can be a little more comfortable, and maybe you’ll even schedule an office Christmas party or other gathering meant to improve morale and enjoy a final send-off before the new year begins.


That being said, there are still things to do. Depending on when you return to the office, you may need to prepare certain measures for security or safety. It’s also important to note that your business is likely depended on by others, be that clients or other businesses, and so some of the following measures are not only a courtesy, but a real practical step to follow:


Communicate Holiday Hours To Clients


Good communication does a world of good. When will your business be out of the office, and how long for? It might be that you have one or two people committing to light coverage until the new year, but except for that, you have little production in the works. Make sure companies know your exact hours, when they can expect responses, and of course, where to contact in the case of an emergency. We have contracts to uphold after all, and it’s good form not to disappear entirely.


Delegate Responsibilities Amongst Team


It’s good to spread out some of the more intensive tasks among your staff members so they can be completed more easily. For example, that might mean working on a final deadline, or making sure everyone undergoes their performance review before the new year. This way you can also bring together some “fun responsibilities” as it were, like asking people to bring in snacks for the final celebratory day where you work a little more easily, but still get everything done. Here you can also bring everyone together and express your thanks to them.


Store Old Items


It’s good to use this period as a justification for a mini-clearout or inventory of what has to be done and when. For example, removing your old furniture from the office and placing them in a private storage area can prepare you for the new job lot of ergonomic gear you have coming in. When so much is going on in the workplace at the end of the year, it’s easy for the space to become congested or filled with your inventory. Having a second place you can store and work on those items is always going to be a worthwhile investment. This way, you can return with a clear head and focus on organizing your offices for the new year, another good task to warm back up and get back into the working schedule. You may be surprised just how well that works out.

With this advice, you’re sure to wind down for the festive break in the best way.