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Blogging is something I love to do, and it’s an honour to share with you my ramblings of parenthood and to showcase so many wonderful bloggers doing the same thing that I do. Blogging has fast become a hobby that many people enjoy to do, sharing their passions and experiences in so many different niches and genres. But, while so many people are starting one up, there are still loads of people you can come across every day that hasn’t the faintest idea of what a blog is, or even why to start one? So here are some of the fabulous benefits of blogging. By no means are these specific reasons to give it a go, but if you find yourself unsure about taking that leap of faith then maybe this will inspire you to start a blog yourself.

Making friends


When you start a blog, I’m sure the last thing you thought you would do is make lifelong friends, but blogging can simply do that for you. Once you start interacting with your readers and other bloggers, you begin to chat online and support one another. It might be sharing their latest post, or liking and commenting on an Instagram post. But over time, that becomes more and can even become a friendship. Then you have blogging conferences you can attend where you can network, meet and share with bloggers. People doing what you do, and share your passion and enthusiasm for it.


Registering it as a business


Some people take that plunge and turn their blog into a business, and this can often be a scary but yet amazing step to take. You can think about registering as a business, and this is when things like addresses are important. I use mail forwarding UK address for this sort of thing. It can work for paperwork and contracts, as well as products for reviewing. Aside from that, it can enable you to keep your personal address away from public record.


Helping others


There are times in our lives where we go through things we never thought we would. Grieving loss, dealing with health issues or even emotional battles we never thought we would have to face. Blogging can be seen as a form of therapy to some, but what you actually may end up doing is helping someone out in their time of need. There are many subjects that are often not talked about enough, and blogging could help reduce the stigma surrounding that subject.


It could help you built a support network



If you blog about something specific, or have shared your experience on something that may not be publicly discussed enough, you may find that a huge benefit to sharing your experiences through your blog, is building a support network. This might be a Facebook you create specifically to offer support. It might be working with charities to help the campaign or get the message more in the public eye. You could build up a network or commenters where people interact with one another or find each other on various social media platforms. It may not seem an obvious benefit, but this could help you personally, or someone else.


Let’s hope this may have inspired you to perhaps give blogging a go yourself.