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When you think about protecting yourself from the sun, you’ll probably automatically think it’s only something you need to consider if you’re going outside, and when you’re at home, it’s not something that you have to bother about. That makes sense, but it’s not quite right. 


The truth is that the sun’s harmful UV rays can easily penetrate into your home and could be doing – and your furniture – some harm without you even realizing it. With that in mind, here are some ways to stop it. 

Tint Your Windows 

Window tinting is a fantastic and very practical way to protect yourself and your belongings from the sun when you’re indoors. When a professional home window tinting company installs the right kind of tinting on your windows, the UV rays will instantly be blocked so they can’t penetrate anymore. 


If you didn’t realize this was an issue, just think of your bedroom or living room. When you’re lying in bed or sitting on the sofa, and it’s sunny outside, you might notice a sunbeam coming through the window, or perhaps you can’t see the screen properly if you’re trying to work or watch something. If the sun is causing that to happen, it means the UV rays are in your home, and could be damaging you without you knowing it. 

Wear Sunscreen Indoors

You’ve probably seen a lot of advice telling you to wear sunscreen when you go outside and the sun is shining. You might even have seen advice that tells you to wear sunscreen when you go outside, even when it’s dull and you can’t see the sun at all (that’s great advice because UV rays can get to you even if the sun doesn’t seem too strong). But what about wearing sunscreen when you’re indoors? 


It might seem like an odd or even unnecessary thing to do, but when you think about how the UV rays can still get to you, even when you’re in your home, you’ll see it could be the most sensible course of action of all. 

Install Skylight Shades

If you’ve got skylights, you’ll be able to let a lot more natural light into your home, and that’s a good thing when it comes to your mood and overall wellbeing. Natural light also helps make you more productive, so it’s ideal to have as much of it as you can when you’re working from home


But since it’s not all good and too much is definitely a bad thing, it’s a good idea to cover your skylights from time to time to lessen the amount of sunlight that’s coming through. This won’t be easy – they’re high up, after all – but you can install special skylight shades that can be opened and closed manually from lower down just by turning a lever. You can even be programmable shades that you can open and close using your smartphone if you prefer. 


When you have control of the sunlight that comes into your home, you can keep yourself a lot more protected from it.